2015 – Oil on Canvas

My boss was selling a print of a ballet dancer and my coworker Courtney liked it a lot. I volunteered to make one for her.

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On the Road to Coho Bend

2015 – Acrylic on Canvas

I offered to make a painting for my coworker of her fishing campsite.


Swimming with the Turtle

2012 – Acrylic on Canvas

I made this for my manager’s birthday.


Seashell Series

2012 – Acrylic on Small Canvas

I always wanted to make a painting series, and seashells seemed to be the best theme to play with.

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Swimming Together

2012 – Acrylic on Canvas

I had just come back from the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival where I had met an artist that stretched canvas across oddly-shaped wooden frames, so I experimented with the idea.

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Not Forgotten

2012 – Acrylic on Canvas

My mother suggested I paint a wig on a beach chair for breast cancer awareness. I hated doing this because she forced it on me, and I felt that there were better ideas waiting to be explored. My husband made me put this on here.



2012 – Oil on Canvas

This is a picture of my former friend holding a seashell with a stick jammed through it.


Succulent Plant

2011 – Acrylic on Canvas



2008 – Guash

I hadn’t originally understood why artists liked painting the elderly, but after this piece I found out how fun wrinkles are!